1. Why Should I do this?
    HFS would like your help in testing future electronic filing ideas. If you choose to file your cost report with HFS electronically in addition to your regular filing we will do the following… Pre-Scan for Errors, Comparison to Prior Year HCRIS Data (future enhancement), Cost Report Storage

  2. What is Validity Pre-Scan?
    We will run your file through an automated version of an acceptance review. Our web database will import your electronic submission and give you a report. This process validates the encryption code on both the EC and PI files. Next we check the data in the EC file for validity. The EC file is converted to an HFS file and calculated. All CMS edits and the settlement calculation is checked and compared. Finally all data in the EC file are compared with the values created in the HFS data file. We cannot guarantee that this check will catch everything but it’s a great review. At this point, the pre-scan is in no way associated with the MAC’s Acceptability process and has no way of checking signatures or data filed outside of the cost report.

  3. Do I need to install extra software in order to use SaFE?
    No, all SaFE capabilities are included in the current HFS MCRIF32 software.

  4. Comparison to Prior Year HCRIS Data?
    Future SaFE Enhancement: We have a web based HCRIS database. We have created several helpful reports that give information about your facility. When your report is submitted electronically to us, we will e-mail you back informational reports comparing this year’s cost report data to the 3 most recent cost reports in the HCRIS database. PPS facilities will receive a Dashboard Report, Balance Sheet, and Wage Index report. CAH facilities will receive a Dashboard Report and Balance Sheet. Other facilities will receive a Balance Sheet Report. These reports are free. If you are interested in seeing more reports about your facility or other facilities we do sell subscriptions to our HCRIS database.

  5. Cost Report Storage?
    We will keep your data and store it under your account. You will have access to your data. We hope to expand our template feature to look at your web account for prior year data to start your next year’s cost report. For now, consider this a great back up location of your data. Your file will not be shared with anyone outside of HFS. Your cost report will only become public data when the MAC submits your data to the CMS HCRIS database and CMS releases that data to the public.